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mia, ivor,
nikola & saša

Stefani Longshamp

He's the big one. He’s heart is also big. Don’t tell him you know that. He will feel ashamed.


His an irreplaceable part of the agency. 13 is a lucky number, Nikola has been with us for so long. It is difficult to find a way to thank him for everything he has done. And he did a lot.


Most of the beautiful things we have produced are the work of his hands. And his brain.


He's the quiet one. Everyone knows about silent Bob, we have silent Sasa. Okay, he's strong too. It's not a joke, everyone knows it, David agrees.


He’s only been with us for two years, which is more than enough to realize that sometimes it takes a lot of luck in life to meet such a good person. And his heart is huge, almost like his biceps.


The web and online in general are his thing.


She as a “she” is the only one. Some would say the princess. We treat her that way. Hopefully she feels it too. She doesn’t want to be treated that way. We know, life sucks.

It’s very hard to make her angry. Ivor does that. If the floors are not clean enough.

If you want to be heard of, Mia can help you make it happen. Influencing, native advertising, copywrite, events, production are her thing. And cleanliness, of course.

He's the loud one. Responsible that most things work. And for salaries to be on time.


Client usually get angry at him if something doesn't work. Fortunately, he is surrounded by wonderful people who protect him that something like this happens very rarely.


He invests most of his time in the management of the agency and as a support to Nikola and Saša in the implementation of projects.

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