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We make bad beer.

And good ads.



We are a full-service agency based in Zagreb, committed to bringing knowledge (expertise), understanding (strategy) and implementation (production) to our clients.



What we do?


We were joking, we make good beer. Sometimes. But always make great visual identity,

progressive product design (packaging), innovative branding, out of the box retail solutions, 
cutting-edge design,
state of the art websites, progressive public relations, inspiring creative..


Ok, it is enough, you get the picture. 
We do it all. 

01. Public Relations 

We combine ideas with results - driven disciplines. Place them in the right media. It’s not just a customer experience, it’s an active, online, offline and social experience that generates conversions.

02. Creative 

You name, we have it. You name it, we will do it. There are no boundaries when it comes to delivering creative work for our clients and their customers.

03. Visual Identity 

Visual identity is much more than a logo. Consisting of the name, logo, font, color and signature style, the visual identity is essentially the story of a company and its id card. it is one of the fundamental pillars of the communication strategy of an organization.

04. Digital 

Digital Transformation is u buzzword of the decade. But what does it mean and how do you succeed? Let us guide the way how to master the digital transformation to accelerate your business and generate ROI. It is not only design for screens. We focus on functionality, interaction and usability.

05. Event Management

We understand how important live, face-to-face events are to building a truly integrated strategy. Event management involves creating and developing large scale events which may include conferences, conventions, trade shows, festivals opening and many others.

06. E-Commerce 

We have both the track record and the expertise required to deliver e-commerce strategy, integrations, migrations and support, and a full range of ecommerce development services. E-commerce is a reality and selling products online is no easy task.

07. Photo/Video production A formula that guarantees success? Such thing does not exist. But there is a whole range of things that can help you realize your idea or project. We like projects. And we like gadgets too.

nulaosam. Unwritten


We connect brands to people.

Through stories and experiences.

Stories and experiences that spark conversations.

Conversations that create connections.

Connections that grow into relationships.

Our expertise



01 Be good

02 Make stupid jokes

03 Smash a table

04 Poke a colleague

05 Laugh

06 Make beer

07 Learn

08 Call your mother





 We’ve been often asked what does Nulaosam (zero eight) 

 stand for. After being present on a market for more than 

 16 years, the time has come for a big revelation. 

 It is not big. And it is not a revelation... 

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